My Philosophy

1.) Radical Acceptance

There are good reasons for difficulties people experience. I practice radical acceptance. I will never judge you for past behaviors, and I will encourage you to shift any focus you may have on self-condemnation.

2.) Mindfulness

I believe we are happier and more resourceful when we learn to live in the present. This means dealing constructively with past recollections and worries about the future that constantly pull on our attention.

3.) Value Clarification

I stress if we don’t move in directions based on what is most important to us, we get bogged down in our problems. I encourage and support a journey shaped by realistic aspirations and goals. It often means reconnecting with our values.

4.) Identifying Self-Defeating Beliefs

Emotional pain can so often be traced to our belief system. Our very active minds can be our worse enemy. Recognizing the automatic thoughts and emotions that contribute to our problems frees us to make choices that empower us.